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Our History

Featured last year in Chicago’s Daily Herald as one of the top 10 hot dog stands in the Chicago Area was Ingleside’s very own Miller’s DOG n SUDS – an establishment that has stood the test of time since Jerry and Evelyn Miller built and opened it in 1967 on the corner of Rollins and Washington Roads in Ingleside. It has remained family owned and operated since, now being run by father/son duo Roy and Brad Miller with the fourth generation in training. Brad’s son, at age 10, is already partaking in the family business.

This classic 50’s style drive-in, with 21st century updates, boasts the technology to keep up with our need for immediacy and yet preserve the taste, quality, and atmosphere our grandparents fell in love with. Food is made fresh at the time of order and on average takes about 4 minutes to come full circle and out to your window. Increasingly rare today is the customer service that Miller’s strives to maintain year after year. Many of the area’s teenagers have found their first jobs at Miller’s. Millers has passed on a strong work ethic and importance of customer service with a smile to its cheerful staff sporting pedal pushers and swaying pony tails, tied with red scarves.

So often we catch ourselves saying “it sure doesn’t taste like it used to” because so often production and recipes are changed to keep up with today’s demand for convenience. But that’s not the case with Miller’s DOG n SUDS; they’ve maintained the original recipes for its dressings, sauces, and root beer. DOG n SUDS is known for a few things; its Texas Burgers, Coney Dogs, and its creamy homemade root beer. DOG n SUDS’ creamy draft root beer is unlike any other root beer out today. It’s still made fresh with DOG n SUDS original recipe, using a method that uses smaller carbonation bubbles so the harsh carb pop doesn’t take away from the root beer’s rich creamy flavor; and because it’s a draft it’s not served with ice. If you have a small root beer in house today, it’s still served crisp and cold in the traditional frosty mugs of root beer yesterday; and if you want to bring that one of a kind flavor home, Miller’s also makes it available in gallon and half gallon jugs. If you’re hungry, a DOG n SUDS’ Coney Dog is unlike any chili dog; it’s still made with the original chili based sauce. Its sweet flavor is the perfect compliment to an otherwise ordinary hot dog.

DOG n SUDS is celebrating its 47th Anniversary this year with its season opener on Saturday, May 24th, where they will continue the Saturday night tradition of Cruise Night. From 5:30 to 10 p.m. every Saturday, the corner of Rollins and Washington goes back in time when DOG n SUDS fills its lot with cars from 1973 and older. The increasingly popular event draws a larger crowd yearly, spilling over with hot cars old and new, to the areas that surround DOG n SUDS. It’s quite the scene on Saturday night! Wednesday nights are great to set aside for the kids, when Kid’s Cruise Car Meals are just $3.99/Meal.

Drive in or walk up, DOG n SUDS offers its rare novelty to all with a picnic area and 33 stations, including one in the Dry Dock Laundromat next door! Stop in and pick up a full calendar of events and try the shake of the month or grab one of our famous chocolate covered frozen bananas, still made 53 years later by the original family.